The Essex County Soccer Association

Located at:

9655 McHugh Street
Windsor, ON
N8P OA8 

Phone: 519-979-9254

District Registrars:
Jane & Allison

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have!


The best way to ensure that your registrations are completed on time, we ask that each club has a club registrar and a back-up registrar (or co-registrar).  The club registrars are responsible for the entry of their teams into the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) and to submit their team rosters and books to our offices for registration.  Each registrar should be trained to use AIMS and must sign a user and confidentiality agreement form in order to have access to it. 

If you are a new club registrar, please contact our office administrator Allison and schedule an AIMS training session with her.  Training takes approximately 30-45 minutes. 

For more information regarding AIMS, including the AIMS website portal, helpdesk contact, FAQ's, practice manual and more, please click this link:   AIMS Info

Please note:  It is important to note that club registrars are the only individuals allowed to register teams.  Not the players themselves, not the parents, not coaches, not managers.  This is done to ensure that there is no miscommunication/issues between team, club and district.  Unless there is an emergency where both a club registrar and a back up registrar cannot stop by our office for registration, please submit to us in writing an official club e-mail/letter indicating otherwise. 

It is imperative that registrations are completed well in advance in an organized and orderly fashion.  Although we do not "grade" how well you compile your registrations, it is appreciated when player and team offical books and rosters are organized neatly.  This makes our job much easier and it ensures that you have the proper information prior to going on the field.   In other words, all information in books and rosters are accurate and complete.  Club registrars, please make sure that you have this checklist handy prior to submitting registrations in our office:

  • A roster generated from AIMS (please bring two copies)
  • Books with an updated photo (photos should be replaced every 4 years)
  • Accurate information in player/team official books (i.e. legitimate date of birth, player/team official's signature)
  • Team page filled out (this is filled out every time a new registration is made)
  • Payment monies (we accept cash or cheque)
  • A good, positive attitude! 

Player Registration Form

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